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32-channel telemetry system
Designed to work as part of GTE test benches
- Frequency range of measured signals: 0Hz ... 20kHz;
- Measurement error no more than 0.1% (availability of relevant metrological documents);
- Sampling rate - maximum 80000 measurements / sec .;
- Work at a frequency of rotation from 0 to 20,000 rpm;
- The number of strain gauge (dynamic) channels - not less than 32;
- Connection of strain gauges by 1, 1/2, 1/4 bridge circuit, nominal 120 or 350 Ohm;
- Ensuring the simultaneous operation of all channels of strain gauges;
- The number of analog temperature channels - at least 2;
- Power supply of stationary equipment: 220V, 50Hz;
- The software provides control of the telemetry unit and carries out the functions of control
and monitoring of the telemetry state.
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Hydravlic system maintenance
• Oil analysis
• Filtration / oil cleaning
• Oil filter replacement
• Oil change
• Tank cleaning
• Replacement / restoration of hydraulic hoses
• Replacement / restoration of all necessary electromagnetic seals valves,
pressure control valves, multistage valves and servo valves
UTM modernization
Mechanical repair
• Restore all hydraulic system seals.
• Replacing solenoid valves.
• Repair or upgrade all pressure control valves.
• Inspection / repair of hydraulic cylinders.
- Hydraulic cylinder => Hydraulic cylinder with sliding bearing
- Hydraulic cylinder => Hydraulic cylinder with hydrostatic bearing
- Hydraulic cylinder => Normally installed
• Updating / repair / repair of guide columns of testing machines
• Repair or replacement of hydraulic pumps in your hydraulic system
- radial piston pumps
- gear pumps
UTM modernization
Control system upgrade
• Equipping the testing machine with a new control controller and PC
(computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and testing software).
Upgrade of the entire management and regulation technology.
• Upgrade of the entire safety concept of the testing machine. Safety concept
in accordance with the technical directive on machines, CE compliance and technical certificates.
Compression test machine
MT-S Press 1250 kN
Compression test machine designed specially for building industry.
Bending and compression tests of building materials
(brick, cement, concrete, asphalt concrete, refractories, etc.) in accordance with
ASTM C 109, ASTM C 39, EN 196-1, DIN 18501, GOST 10180, GOST 12801, and others.

Testing machines MT-S Press 1250 kN are equipped with additional accessories and devices
according to the technical specifications of the customer.
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